Dental Tourism: Where should I stay?

Every day, hundreds of people cross the border to Mexico looking to get their dental needs covered, this is called dental tourism in Tijuana. This is because of the skyrocketing costs of dental treatments in the US. Since the economy is down, the job market is weak, and many people either have poor dental insurance or no insurance at all, it just makes sense to look at alternative sources for quality, yet affordable dentistry. There are several things to consider before choosing a dentist for your dental tourism needs. Prices for dentistry are just one factor, but the quality of service is the most important thing to consider.

The need for affordable dentistry has never truly been greater than nowadays, and traveling abroad to get better prices has become a real option. Of course, you would want to do this in a safe and practical manner. The border city of Tijuana, Mexico should be the first option on your list of destinations to consider.

Traveling to this trendy city is pretty affordable and has become an experience that will stay with you forever. It’s no surprise that The New York Times put it on the list of 52 Places To Go in 2017, however, it’s not all about the food and craft beer. You want to make sure you’re staying somewhere that meets all your expectations and is also affordable. We got you covered.

We have a couple of suggestions that could help your trip down to the border city be more comfortable, for this we took into consideration the following: price, distance from the border and airport, things to do in walking distance, and of course, reviews from people that previously stayed there according to TripAdvisor. Here’s our list of 5 hotels you should definitely consider on your visit.

Hotel Caesar’s

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Located in the heart of Tijuana, this is a hotel full of history and tradition, but that in no way means it’s old. Even if the outside looks a little dated, the rooms in the hotel have been completely remodeled and will hold up to the highest standards. Just in case you were wondering, it’s not just the location that makes this a great place to stay, this is also the historical birthplace of the famous Caesar Salad, where it’s still served in the traditional way in the hotel’s restaurant. The Caesar’s hotel and restaurant is one of the “101 best Hotel Restaurants in the World” according to  The Daily Meal and being located in one of the coolest areas in town make it one of our top choices.

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Hotel Ticuan

The word Ticuan makes reference to how the original settlers of the region referred to Cerro Colorado, a rocky formation in the east side of the city. It means “sleeping turtle”. And just like the turtle, this comfortable hotel on 8th street in downtown Tijuana will allow you to rest like a baby. Perfectly located for you if you want to do some exploring, the prices are really affordable for such a great location.

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Hotel Pueblo Amigo Plaza & Casino

Conveniently placed next to the International Border, this is one of the best hotels in town. Affordable yet luxurious, this hotel has the benefit of having it’s own casino by the Caliente group. And while that might be reason enough for some, it’s also home to one of the best places to have brunch in the city.

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Fiesta Inn Tijuana Otay

For those looking for a quick trip and take an early flight, this hotel is perfectly placed near the Abelardo L. Rodriguez International Airport. Even if you didn’t fly into town, you can always just cross to the United Stated through the Cross Border Xpress bridge conveniently located there. This affordable Inn is perfect for staying the night.

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Hyatt Place Tijuana

One of the newest additions to the ample selection of hotels in Tijuana, this one is located in the middle of Tijuana’s business district. There’s transportation available at all times and it even has a mall right across the street, the place is full of restaurants, bars, and even has a movie theater in it, so staying the night can be easier and you won’t have to go far to have some fun.

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These are just a couple of options in the myriad of hotels to choose from when you come to Tijuana to get your dental treatment, but be assured that any of the places you pick will meet your standards. So relax and take a trip down south to get the treatment you need with our specialists at Trust Dental Care in Tijuana, Mexico, and while you’re at it, take your time to enjoy the little or big amount of time you chose to stay. You won’t regret it.

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