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Dental Implants Have a
Lifetime Durability


What are the Benefits of Getting Dental Implants?

Dental implants replace missing teeth. They are designed to fit perfectly as a natural tooth would in your mouth.

Dental Implant

Dental Implants are a surgical fixture that is placed into the mouth and allowed to fuse with the bone over the span of a few months.

Dental implants are considered the high standard of care for replacement of missing teeth.

The dental implant acts as a substitute for the root of a missing tooth. In turn, this “artificial tooth root” serves to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants are durable and do not become loose like dentures.

They do not need support from surrounding teeth. This makes them a better alternative than other available options. Patients lose their teeth from disease, gingivitis, decay or injury. Whatever reason you lost your teeth, rest assured that you can restore your smile.

Surgery is required to receive dental implants; patients seeking them should be in good general and oral health.

In some cases, placing dental implants is difficult due to a lack of proper bone structure. In these cases, our dentist may suggest a sinus augmentation.

A sinus lift is a procedure that involves raising the sinus floor, and we mold the bone structure to make implants possible.

Dental implants in Mexico are becoming an increasingly popular solution to tooth loss.

Tooth loss affects more than half of American adults over the age of 35. While it is common, it can also have serious health effects.

If you are missing a tooth, your smile has more than just an unattractive gap: It may also have an increased risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and further tooth loss.

At Trust Dental Care we can help you. Our Tijuana dentist specialist will affirm whether you are a good candidate for the surgery.

A single tooth implant requires a dental crown.

If you are missing multiple teeth, several implants placed at strategic points throughout the jaw can be used to support a dental bridge or dentures.

Dental implants benefit your life and improve your self-esteem. Nobody will be able to tell that you have implants since they look and feel just like real teeth.

Implants are a long-lasting replacement option for teeth that are missing or have been damaged beyond repair and are in need of extraction. 

Dental implants are considered the modern gold standard for tooth replacement

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