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Dental Health: States in the USA with the Best and Worst Oral Care

Everybody wants to have good dental health. Sadly, at some point in life, we can have dental problems related to poor oral care or other types of issues.

Patients can skip dentist visits due to a bunch of reasons.

In the United States, one of these reasons is because going to the dentist is too expensive to afford sometimes.

In addition to this, millions of American citizens don’t have dental insurance, and if they do, usually those insurance companies don’t have excellent benefits.

American citizens are looking for dental treatments that help them to restore their smiles and oral health.

Unfortunately, they don’t always achieve this goal letting the time go by and make things worse and worse.

No having the resources to pay for a private dentist is still the most powerful reason for Americans to hit Tijuana looking for a great dentist.

However, the money it is not always the only reason to Americans for no going to the dentist. Sometimes they are afraid of going.

People skip visiting a dental office due to the dental phobia and anxiety they feel with the only idea of setting the appointment.

Last week I was reading an interesting post about the states with the best and worst dental health in the United States.

WalletHub compared the 50 states in the United States, and of course the District of Columbia.

To see with the help of 25 indicators, which state has the best dental health habits and which ones the worst.

States with Highest Percent of Adults Visiting the Dentist


On this list of the highest percentage of adults visiting the dentist during the past year, the states of Connecticut, District of Columbia, Rhode Island, Minnesota, and Massachusetts are in the top.

We can find an answer to each state for their population to go or not to the dentist every year. In some states, going to the dentist can be more expensive in relation to others.

So, this can clearly be a reason. Money always is going to be a reason for the patients.

Overall those who don’t have dental insurance coverage.

Now, let’s not forget that dental insurances don’t take responsibility for all those dental treatments that for them are just luxury.

These treatments can be dental implants, crowns, veneers, among others.

So, if you have regular check-ups or cleanings, going to the dentist maybe won’t represent a huge expense for you or your family.

But when it comes to large procedures, embrace yourself because your insurance only can help with a little amount or don’t cover it at all.

The indicators don’t clarify why these states like Wisconsin and Illinois, are part of the states with the highest percentage of adults that went to a dentist during the last year.

But it can be due to an enormous amount of explanations.

States with the Lowest Percent of Adults Going to the Dentist

In a “jaw-dropping” study, U.S. News and World Report announced that a dentist is the best job in the United States for 2017. Open wide!

Now, the states with the lowest percentage of adults that went to the dentist during the past year, are West Virginia, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, among others.

For instance, West Virginia has a 36.80% of adults among its population that actually went to see a dentist during the past year.

If you pay attention, this percentage is alarming. The red alarm sounds loudly with these numbers. Why are these numbers the way they are?

Maybe they need to make a more in-depth study to explain why Americans in these states aren’t attending a dentist.

Fortunately for them, here in Tijuana, we have the solution to their dental problems.

All those patients that are afraid of the dentist and don’t have resources to afford the treatments they need to find what they are looking for a dental office in Tijuana.

In fact, we can tell that a lot of patients at Trust Dental Care are from the United States.

Trust Dental Care stands for quality and great service, offering the best prices on the market.

We have patients from Washington, West Virginia and even Maine, a state just far, far away to this border.

Even so, patients from there are coming to Tijuana to see a dentist.

Dentists at Tijuana have dental health plans for all those patients that need no just a tooth implant, but a full mouth restoration.

Another thing to have in mind when you see all these results are the number of people that don’t have their natural teeth. Or have replaced several dental pieces for dental implants by now.

Where can you Find More Dentists per Capita?


The states with most dentists per capita were Massachusetts, South Dakota, Michigan, Maryland and the District and Columbia.

That means that in these states the number of dentists is larger if you compare them with the rest of the states in the USA.

These numbers have a lot to do with the number of patients going to the dentist in those states.

We know that when the number of patients is huge, the number of dental offices can be huge too.

The same thing happens in Tijuana. Since the city receives thousands of foreign patients, you can find hundreds of dental offices on this Mexican border.

Dentists in Tijuana are affordable and can explain the whole dental process that you will need in your language.

The staff on these dental offices are fluid English. So, the communication won’t be a barrier while you have dental work here.

Even when these states in the USA have the largest number of dentists, that doesn’t mean that patients can always afford dental procedures there.

For example, Massachusetts is part of the results of the states with most dentists per Capita in the United States.

However, Massachusetts is also the state with the highest dental costs.

In contrast, the states of Alabama, Idaho, Kentucky, and Tennessee have the fewest dentists per capita in the country.

WalltHub gave us those results, but I insist, we need to make a more in-depth study just to find more specific reasons for these results.

Working on for Better Dental Health Habits


Well, we hit the bottom line on this. Unfortunately, I can’t give you the names of the states with the better dental health habits.

But according to the post on WalltHub, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Hawaii, and Idaho are the states with lowest sugar-sweetened beverages consumption. I see this as a good dental habit.

It means that in these states, people think twice about the intake of energy drinks, juice, sodas, and other kinds of beverages that can harm the enamel of the teeth and compromise their dental health.

In contrast, the states with the highest sugar-sweetened beverages consumption are Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

Sweetened beverages harm the teeth of millions of Americans every day.

These drinks are not healthy either for your teeth or your body. Bacteria can eat all the sugar in sweetened beverages.

The bacteria that can harm our teeth live in our mouths.

Eating sugar helps bacteria gets stronger producing acid that can cause severe damage to teeth.

All this unhealthy process cause cavities and before you realize you have a dental emergency in your hands.

That is why dentists encourage patients to eat healthily and reduce the intake of sugar.

Reduce the sugary beverages from diets would be a great idea to keep proper dental health.

However, even when you reduce the number of sweet drinks, you need to develop healthy dental habits that can help to prevent problems with your teeth.

How can you improve your Oral Health?


A lot of people believe or relate the words ¨Oral health¨ with spending big money.

The easy part here is brushing and flossing that you can do every day.

Then, you must keep in mind that at least twice a year you need to set an appointment with your dentist.

You must go just to make sure that everything is under control. Even when you have proper oral care, you can avoid dental emergencies.

Perhaps you are losing a tooth, and it is not your fault. It is just happening and you can do anything to save it.

However, if you have insurance, they can give you coverage with a couple of things. For the extraction maybe.

Just to not leave gaps in your mouth, the insurance can provide an easy solution. But you can’t forget that they are not going to help you with a dental implant.

If you don’t have dental insurance, you can wait worse.

The main reason for people traveling from Maine, for instance, to Tijuana, is the affordable dental implants cost.

They come here looking for improvement in their smiles. And they find more than expected.

If you want to improve your smile as well.

Let me tell you that you can come from wherever you are right now and save more than the 70% on dental procedures.

Even when you state has the highest level of dentists per capita, if you don’t have resources, you are going to need some other alternatives.

Make your decision today and start a new life with a new brand smile and please follow us on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram.



Dr. Cirenia Aparicio
Dr. Cirenia Aparicio
Dr. Cirenia Aparicio Miranda is our dentist in Tijuana and is hands down the best Mexico dentist.Distinguished by being one of the few members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Aparicio Miranda ́s work is synonymous with excellence and quality.She is a Mexico dentist accredited by the AACD and U.S. licensed dentist. With over 20 years of experience in the field of dentistry, Dr. Aparicio Miranda has changed the lives of thousands through her devotion to Dentistry and tender care.

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