Important Reasons to Keep Clean your Tongue.

The tongue brush it’s sometimes the last thing some people do when brushing teeth.

Our tongue needs the same care that we give to our teeth. Because we must attack the bacteria that live on it.

When we drink coffee, wine, hot chocolate, or eat, small particles stay on the tongue.

Bacteria are living in our mouth right now, just like in teeth.

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And we should have a routine to clean it, even if it is not a risk of developing cavities itself.

Why is so important?


First of all, the tongue is a muscular organ in the mouth and is covered with moist, pink tissue called mucosa.

Tongue manipulates food for mastication and some other things like having a piercing on it or give a good kiss.

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Among other things, the tongue in the digestive system and is the primary organ of taste in the gustatory system.

Our tongue is a muscular hydrostat that forms part of the oral cavity.

As you can see our tongue is a super complex organ inside our mouth and have a lot of functions.

Chemicals that stimulate taste receptor cells are known as tastants and thanks to this we can be able to taste the flavor of the food.

Plus, is the essential accessory organ in the digestive system and used for crushing food against the hard palate, during mastication and manipulation of food for softening prior to swallowing.

The epithelium on the tongue’s upper, or dorsal surface is keratinized.

Consequently, the tongue can grind against the hard palate without being itself damaged or irritated.

Pretty impressive what our tongue can do, and we encourage to keep healthy just like the rest of our teeth and gums.

Thanks to our tongue we can taste the real flavor of food, fruits, and candies.

Brushing our Tongue for a Better Breath


Brushing your teeth without brushing your tongue is almost like you even didn’t brush your teeth at all.

The reason it’s because if we drink or eat, a layer of bacteria will form in our mouths and this can cause bad breath.

If you brush your teeth but forget brushing your tongue, it is possible that your breath will be not fresh.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you use some mouthwash or something, if you don’t brush your tongue, it will be pretty much the same result.

So, if you want a minty fresh breath you probably need to brush your tongue.

Some dentist recommends it to have good breath.

So this is a good reason to keep it clean. You don’t need to cover your mouth when you speak because of the fear of having bad breath.

Now, keep this in mind, if you brush your tongue every day and you think you are doing right and even so, you have a bad breath, probably you are going to visit your physician or your dentist.

This is because probably the bad breath is due to something else and the most common reason of this, is some health problem.

Some people over brush their tongues or use a lot of mouthwash thinking that the bad breath is due to bacteria, or coffee, or among other reasons.

Truth is that is not always like this, sometimes is due to some issue with your health and it must attend it by a professional.

Plus, if you have wife or husband, you don’t want to have that “morning breath” every day, so if you just wake up or if you see a little white layer on your tongue, it is time to wash it well.

The Food is Going to Taste Better

When taste buds that contain the taste receptor cells are blocked, you can’t be able to taste well your food.

The taste buds let us appreciate the ice cream, hot cakes, ice cream, saltiness, sweetness, and another type of meals.

You may be wondering how this is possible and is due to that our taste buds are connected to the brain and send signals when we have our meals.

The nerves transport all this information to our brain and is a whole process.

When the taste buds are blocked by bacteria or food, you may be not able to taste good your food. This is another good reason to brush your tongue, keep the way free so the taste buds found in our tongue, can be allowed of having the experience.

So next time you realize that your bread of your fruit doesn’t taste like other times, it is maybe because this film that forms in a tongue that doesn’t have been brushed in a while.

It is too easy to keep your tongue free of this white film or even a thin film that it’s almost invisible to us, but that definitely is right there.

As you can see, the math is simple.

Bad bacteria cover your taste buds and this may cause that the flavors of your food are muted.

Brushing your tongue will give you the chance to enjoy richer flavors in all your meals.

Brush your Tongue helps out your Immune System

Maybe you know this maybe you not, but bacteria that are found in your tongue can travel directly to your stomach and make it sick.

But if you brush your teeth and tongue you can eliminate bacteria that carry illness and viruses that can make you sick.

This can sound weird but is the truth because you can avoid sickness before it strikes if you brush your tongue.

This is because as I was saying, all that bacteria that we have in our mouths can travel to different parts of our body including obviously your teeth and gums.

So, having a good dental health it is not just to have a white pretty smile, but to have a healthy and happy entire body too.

Having a minty fresh breath it is not too hard, it’s not a difficult to do if you think about and do it brings a lot of benefits to your health.

The gums diseases and some cavities are due to a tongue that is not clean enough.

To improve the overall health of the mouth and potentially avoid a dental treatment like a cavity filling or some diseases like flu, inflammation of angina, among others.

Brushing your Tongue Keeps Away Stomach Ailments 

Since we have memory, every morning before we wake up, we feel this strange taste in our mouths.

And we tend to wash our teeth before breakfast due to this.

But not all people do it, they wait and brush after having breakfast, which personally I don’t believe is a good idea.

Because as I was saying before on this post; if you don’t brush your tongue your meals can taste a little bit different.

But, having breakfast without brushing your teeth before can lead to tongue bacteria travels down the throat and esophagus and ends up in your gut.

So, this can lead to an upset stomach or even stomach ulcers.

Have you ever feel a little bit sick in the morning after having your breakfast and you don’t have any explanation for it?

Well, some expert says that don’t brush your teeth after you wake up may be a possibility to it.

Here you have another strong reason why you should brush your tongue too alongside your teeth.

How can I Brush my Tongue?

All we know that everyday technology offers us different kind of products to help us to achieve our dental care and health.

There’s special toothbrushes, electric floss, and of course a lot of options that you have a proper tongue scrapers or brush.

Using your toothbrush maybe isn’t a good idea, because it is for your teeth only, they have different purposes.

A tongue cleaner is an oral hygiene specially designed to clean the coating and the upper surface of the tongue.

This year many articles spoke about the new models in the market.

This can be useful to clean properly our tongues.

For example, we have a lot of good reviews for the wouty tongue scraper and the GUM tongue.

There have been models of scrapers last year with a lot of benefits and, they are very easy to use.

The essential thing here is that you can be able to choose what fits you better, the only thing matter does it.

We already see the opportunities areas when it comes to having a good care of our mouth, like having a great minty fresh breath or that our meals have a better taste to us.

Some people after hearing the benefits of cleaning their complete mouth.

They prefer to stay where they are because some people even forget to brush their teeth.

So, the less thing that they have in mind is having some sort of artifact to keep the tongue clean.

Just remember that the tongue is a part of your mouth too, and deserves the same care that your teeth.

Is embarrassing, at least to me, smile and people see this thin white film on my tongue, it’s just discounting to me.

I like to have in my purse a little tiny toothbrush, floss and a small bottle of mouthwash.

Nothing better than have a word with a coworker and have this awesome sensation on the minty fresh breath that isn’t making uncomfortable the people around you.

 How many times a day I require to Brush my tongue?

There is not a perfect timing or a schedule that you have to make so you can achieve the wash of your mouth.

But you can do it when you wash your teeth.

And dentist tells that at least you need to brush them twice a day, you can take advantage and clean your tongue too.

You can have an easy way to do it, don’t push it and don’t see it as mandatory.

See it as a way to keep your mouth healthy and also the rest of your body, just remember the reasons that I just told you.

It is nice to have a fresh breath and also is nice to have a clean pink tongue, but also is nice to avoid cavities and other issues like a gum disease.

The key stands for the prevention of any type of illness.

Everything begins with your oral care and achieve a perfect way to keep it healthy it taking into account the several ways that are there to clean it.

Also remember that if you have a good care of your tongue and brush your teeth and mouth every day and you do it right, but even so, you have bad breath, you need to consult your doctor or dentist run away.





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