Your Dental Filling Fell Out? This Might Be Why

Dental Filling Fall Out

Dentists face many common problems when they treat their patients’ dental needs. Patients often do not know what to do, so the best thing to do in these types of situations is to call the dental office immediately to get assistance. A dental filling can fall out for numerous reasons and diverse factors like the following:

  • Your tooth’s shape and form can deteriorate due to decay, distinct gum diseases, or unusual tooth movement. This can lead to the dental filling falling out because it may no longer fit in place.
  • The positioning of teeth may morph over time, and the pressure from other teeth can indeed loosen the filling.
  • Tooth trauma is another factor that can lead to fillings falling out.
  • In some cases, decay may continue to develop underneath the filling, widening the cavity beneath it. Thus providing minimal support for it to fit accordingly.

Now that you know that not only poor oral practices can weaken dental fillings try taking better care of your teeth by brushing and flossing in an orderly fashion to prevent them from breaking or falling out of place.

Regular dental visits to the dental office can also let you know what are your teeth and fillings current state, avoiding future unnecessary dental emergencies or hassles. Brushing and flossing is only half the process. Visiting your dentist is essential for the care of your teeth effectively.

Is A Dental Filling Treatment Painful?

Dental Filling Treatment

You could have uncomfortable sensations during the dental fillings procedure, but generally, it shouldn’t hurt. Some patients may experience sensitivity or discomfort after the treatment.

The dentist will remove decay from your tooth or teeth (if you have more than one cavity) and fill the gap with a unique dental composite. After the procedure occurs, you may experience a tingly sensation around the tooth because of the sedative effects.

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Your dentist might recommend avoiding certain foods or beverages that can add to the discomfort. In the following days, you will soon adjust to the new filling or replacement filling.

Remember that the following can cause soreness or trigger unusual amounts of sensitivity:

  • Grinding or clenching your teeth
  • Biting down when you eat
  • Sugary foods or acidic beverages like juice, coffee, and candy
  • Cold food and drinks like ice, ice cream, or any other cold products
  • Hot drinks or foods like tea, coffee, and soups

Interesting fact: breathing cold air can also trigger sensitivity if your dental filling comes in contact with cold air. It’s common to experience aching or soreness as these are common side effects and are only temporary. Extensive episodes of toothaches around the area can be due to other causes that require treatment or replacements.

Short term sensitivity after this dental treatment can occur because the filling can aggravate or cause inflammation in the nerves around or underneath your tooth. Still, as the nerve continuously heals, the sensitivity should reduce and finally subside.

The tooth will then adjust to the filling. You should experience zero soreness or irritation in the following weeks because the nerves beneath your teeth will fully heal and return to their natural positions to support your teeth.

What Are The Different Types Of Dental Fillings Dentists Use?

Types Of Dental Fillings

There is a diverse line up for you and your dentist to choose from when it comes to dental fillings. They will help you choose and determine to finally decide which filler best suits your dental needs to properly restore your tooth depending on the severity and area of tooth decay; your budget will also be a determining factor.

Your dentist will use different types of dental composites to cover up your cavities after the drilling procedure takes place. You may be familiar with dental fillings because amalgams are the most common to patch up a tooth. Some people consider traditional silver fillings outdated; others may view them as potential risks for their health.

There are many dental fillings your dentist can work with; it is up to you to decide whether you would like one because of the price range or appearance, but they function quite similarly to one another. It is best to make an informed decision after viewing their advantages and disadvantages.

The following materials are the one’s dentists most likely work with daily the most, so let’s get to it:

  • Ceramics are more resistant to staining than traditional composites
  • Glass Ionomer releases fluoride in the tooth that prevents further tooth decay
  • Gold is the measuring stick of dental fillings being able to last well over twenty years

Some consider silver fillings dangerous because of the mercury it contains. However, numerous studies have not found amalgams to be hazardous for the human body. These type of fillings also include:

  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Silver

Combining these components creates a durable material that dentists can use to treat cavities and tooth decay. Overall, remember that this mixture does not pose a risk for the patient’s health and is an excellent way of repairing teeth.

In the end, you should expect a completely new look and appearance over your teeth. You must follow proper oral care measures to fully take advantage of this simple but effective dental treatment. Here at Trust Dental Care, we take pride in what we do and accomplish. That is why, even throughout the pandemic, we continuously provide dental services to new and old patients alike. Thanks to our unique state-of-the-art dental equipment that will not only provide you the results you are looking for but can also make your teeth stronger and healthier.

We also follow proper safety measures like utilizing PPE (personal protective equipment)that help protect patients during dental treatments. We care for your oral health and well-being; that is why our doors continue to be open.

You are welcome to come, or you can call us to schedule an appointment today to see how you can obtain the smile of your dreams.

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