Dental Crowns in Tijuana a Smile Makeover Contest Story

ental crowns in tijuana smile makeover

The power of a smile makeover with Dental Crowns in Tijuana should never be underestimated. Our Tijuana dentists have performed many successful dental transformations over several years, but this was a special one.

Korey, a Loving Hardworking Dad That Couldn’t Smile

For many people, their family is the fuel that keeps them going. The reason they wake up every morning and prepare to go to work. You often are ready to make sacrifices if it means you can guarantee your loved one’s happiness and safety.

At least, that was the case for Korey. After meeting his lovely wife Brook in Sidney, Montana, he began to build his small family. 

He soon found himself returning home not only to find his wife but his two kids as well. 

So, in order to take care of his family, Korey decided to put himself aside. After years and of not putting himself first, health issues started to emerge.

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Korey’s teeth started developing multiple issues. From very bad decay to unhealthy gums. 

He eventually started struggling with the irritating problems of bad oral health. He had pain when eating, and his self-confidence was affected. 

He became the target of bad jokes here and there, and all he could do was brush it off, act as it didn’t matter. But, as a human being with feelings, you know the mental toll of dealing with these things almost every day.

That’s how Korey decided it was better to stop smiling as often and cover his teeth. Going to the dentist was not an option. It was expensive, and he had a family to sustain. 

Smile Makeover Contest: A Second Chance That Seemed Like a Miracle

Brook (Korey’s wife) noticed the daily challenge that her husband was facing and just couldn’t stay with her arms crossed. But she didn’t know where to start. 

One night while scrolling on Instagram, she encountered something that could potentially change Korey’s life.

Trust Dental Care had launched a Smile Makeover contest. The winner would get a complete teeth transformation for free! That’s right, zero cost.

Brooke knew this was Korey’s opportunity and signed him up without having too much hope. But 24 hours later, she received a call.

Among thousands of contestants, Korey had won. He would finally smile again, and Brook couldn’t be happier. 

Now the only thing left was to encourage Korey to take this big step. He had never been out of the United States and was hesitant to travel to Mexico to repair his teeth. He feared nobody would speak English and didn’t even know how to safely get to Tijuana.

But with the help of our team’s guidance, they were able to begin this long-awaited and very-deserved journey.

Korey Discovers an Amazing, High-quality Dental Experience 

When Korey and Brook arrived in Tijuana, they were pleasantly surprised. The city was much bigger than they had imagined. And that was just the beginning.

They were picked up at the border by our luxury VIP limousine service and were taken safely to our office. Once there, Korey and Brook encountered a clean, modern office with a bilingual caring staff ready to attend to their needs.

Many emotions were going through Korey’s head. Was this even happening? Is everything going to go well?

He had his first consultation with Dr. Cruz, an experienced and skilled dentist in Tijuana who put Korey’s mind at rest, letting him know he was in safe hands.

With the help of our advanced German dental technology, we gave Korey a complete evaluation, X-rays, digital images, Pro photos, and panoramic X-rays of his teeth.

Once everything was evaluated, it was time to make the smile makeover happen. 

Korey would get dental crowns. But before placing them in, he would need some other procedures done.   

Our Tijuana dentists and specialists got to work. They performed two tooth extractions and four root canals on Korey’s teeth. 

“He deserves it,” said Brook “he’s worked so hard for me and our kids, and finally he gets something he deserves because he’s always given to the kids and me. He never does anything for himself and I know he’s very, very excited about it.”

Once Korey’s mouth was ready to receive the new beautiful dental crowns, Dr. Cruz went ahead and placed them in. 

A new beginning was starting for him.

When Korey held up that mirror to finally see himself, he did something he used to avoid at all costs: he smiled.

“It’s a complete difference,” shared Brook. “I can’t wait for our kids to see him, this is crazy!”

Korey’s teeth looked beautiful, and he couldn’t help but let tears roll down his cheeks.

The Start of Exiting Changes 

When Korey went home with his brand new teeth, he was already feeling the great effects of being able to show his smile to the world. 

His family was astonished by this new version of him. This transformation would boost his self-confidence and allow him to enjoy a higher quality of health. He could now eat appropriately without any pain and actually enjoy simple things as he used to.

Korey’s first significant change was something he would never do with his old teeth: he finally uploaded a picture of himself to social media. Tons of comments soon appeared congratulating and appreciating such a transformation.

Korey also showed his gratefulness to Trust Dental Care’s team for making his smile dream come true:

“Everybody is great,” he said, “they all seemed to have their own part in everything and know what they’re doing and how to do it without making it painful.”

For Trust Dental Care, this was a special transformation. Our patient’s happiness and wellbeing are our most important priority and our biggest satisfaction.

We work hard to excel in our practice to be the safest and most caring dental office in Tijuana.

Learn more about Trust Dental Care and the services we offer. Please send us a message if you have any questions.

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