What to do After a Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Many patients in our dental office in Tijuana, México, think that after a wisdom tooth removal they can return to the normal activities on the same day.

The truth is that they need to have a care before this surgical procedure because is a surgery after all and some people don’t have any consideration to this.

I met a guy that went down to have a liposuction procedure one day before he had two wisdom teeth removal.

He didn’t even mention this to the surgeon, he just went to the plastic surgery clinic and asked for the surgery.

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Then he scheduled his procedure just the day after his wisdom teeth removal.

When the anesthesiologist saw the black dots that were the wound threads in the place where his wisdom teeth use to be.

Then she knew about the extraction, and she was worried about this, because he may have an infection due to this.

Why I need a Wisdom tooth Removal?

Wisdom Tooth

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Well, the truth is that not all of us need a wisdom tooth removal.

That is a great new because it is not mandatory and we have the chance to keep them skipping the surgical procedure with our oral surgeon.

The bad news is that many people do need it.

For example, if a teenager needs braces and there is not enough space or if your dentist suggests it, they need to go out.

Most of the times it depends on the diet that we had in our childhood.

Eating raw, crunchy foods rich in the nutrients found in organ meat and grass-fed animal fats are what stimulate the proper grown of our jaws.

Do I need to Follow Instructions After a Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Tooth Pain

Yes, of course, you do.

Absolutely yes, and is because you are having a surgical procedure don’t forget that little detail.

If you are getting braces or if you are in pain due to your wisdom teeth, they must go out in most cases.

The primary cause of the pain can be that in our jaws don’t grow to be big.

Most of the time there is not room enough to keep them.

When you have pain because of your wisdom teeth, the natural thing to do is remove them.

When they are growing, they look for enough space, but in most cases, there is not enough space to erupt properly.

And then they tend to come at an angle, or they don’t fully emerge, and this may cause a lot of problems for the rest of the mouth.

When you need a wisdom tooth removal, or you think you do, you need to consult it with your dentist first.

He or she is going to recommend the best thing to do, and if comes out that you need the removal, probably you are going to need x-ray first.

Is a total process, it is not a simple thing.

So, naturally, you need to follow some advice so you can get well very soon after an extraction of your wisdom tooth.

One of them is not to go to have a liposuction procedure a day after had a wisdom tooth removal.

Will be Bleeding after the Removal of my Wisdom Teeth?

After a surgery of any kind, there are some particular cares that we must follow so we can get well very soon and avoid complications of any type.

If we need a wisdom tooth removal, a list of instructions will give it to us.

The postoperative care is crucial for the extraction, and some things may happen after that too, for example, the bleeding.

The wound can bleed, so this and the redness saliva isn’t uncommon and may be controlled by rising and wiping the area.

You can place a gauze pad over the wound area to make pressure on it and stop the bleeding.

Do not chew the gauze because this can only stimulate the production of saliva and increase the risk of more bleeding, even the injury of the surgical area. So, do not chew the gauze.

This can be normal but if you have any concern; you can always can your dental office and ask for some directions.

But in most cases, the gauze on the wisdom tooth wound area can help to stop it.

Do not Touch the Wound Area

This can be a pretty obvious advice, but certainly, there are many people that don’t consider this, and it can be a huge issue.

Some of the post-procedure pieces of advice are that you need to brush your teeth until the next day and keep clean your mouth.

So the mouthwash isn’t recommended it and please, do not touch the wound are.

Some people are curious about the result, or I don’t know why they put their fingers in the surgery area, but they do, and it is wrong, so don’t do it.

If you feel some pain or anything, better call to the dental office, and it will be a guide for further instructions, but for anything on this world touch your wound.

You can get a pretty severe infection or worse.

Do I Need a Special Diet?


The answer is yes.

You need to keep clean your mouth, so I already told you not to touch it and that you must brush your teeth until the next day if it is possible.

But another good point after having this surgery in your mouth is your diet.

The thing that you eat after having a wisdom tooth removal is essential.

So, probably they recommend some ice cream and easy meals to process without, nothing spicy though.

In most cases, the patient needs to drink only liquids for the rest of the day.

The use of straws is forbidden.

You need to drink directly from the glass because the sucking motion may cause bleeding and you can hurt yourself.

So the instruction is to have soft food easy to chew for a couple of days and drink a lot of fluids, water will be better.

So, if you want some spicy wings or a big burger, you will need to wait until your wound close, and you get better.

I know, it can be a difficult task, but it must be done so be strong and wait for it because you will need a special diet after your wisdom tooth removal.

What to Do if I Feel Dizzy?

Well, it is a possibility that you may feel nausea and have to vomit.

This is common after a sedation or general anesthesia and probably it will pass.

Some medications may cause it as well because perhaps your dentist prescribed you some antibiotics and painkillers.

It is normal that after surgery you feel some side effects, but don’t worry.

Everything is fine, and you will be well soon. In the event of nausea or vomiting after a wisdom tooth removal, do not take anything for a least an hour, until you feel less dizzy and with less nausea.

Does a Wisdom Tooth Removal Hurt?


Well, yes. A Wisdom Tooth removal can hurt after the surgery, but not during because you are going to be sedated.

When you are under anesthesia or sedation, you are feeling nothing, but after the surgery, you may feel pain.

The prescribed medication tablets are for the severe pain after the procedure, so the antibiotics.

If you can, avoid driving home after the extraction of your wisdom tooth and also, if your work involves working with heavy machinery, probably you will need a day or a few of work, because of the effects of the medications.

Avoid the intake of coffee, tea or alcoholic beverage because the pain can increase in the following 24 hours and can be strong during the following 48 hours.

So keep your mouth clean, eat soft food, drink a lot of water and take your medication correctly.

What Else am I going to Feel?

Your lips, chin, cheeks, and tongue may feel numb after the surgery, and this can go on for hours.

Also, you can feel the swelling around your mouth, cheeks and probably eyes and side of your face which is completely normal, so don’t be alarm.

The swelling is the common thing to happen after a surgery of any kind.

It is the normal reaction of our body, and sometimes the swelling will notice after a day or two of the wisdom tooth removal.

The ice packs are commonly used to reduce the swelling so if your cheeks are little swelling; you can always use ice to reduce it.

But you can use them for short periods of time only, about 20 minutes.

Your wisdom teeth are gone, so it will be normal to experiment some changes in your face, in your mouth and an emptiness where your wisdom teeth use to be.

Don’t worry, the sensation will past over time, the pain and swelling will go too.

And if you feel dizzy have nausea, don’t be alarm.

All of this is normal but is very important to keep in mind the instructions of your surgeon that includes having a proper diet for the next days after the procedure.

The Final Recommendations

Getting a wisdom tooth removal is a process, and many people don’t see it this way.

Indeed, we need to take into account several recommendations after this procedure.

You won’t be able to drive when the first hours after the extraction and you maybe won’t be able to exercise either, maybe per a couple of days.

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Another thing to consider, it’s the sutures that will be placed into our mouth.

This suture is placed for a reason.

And when they come off, it is not a reason to be alarm, most of the sutures fell down in days, and some others absorb and dissolve by their own.

If you need a suture removal, you will be notified by your surgeon.

The pain will go away in a couple of days; you must keep the intake of the prescribed medications.

Included the antibiotics to avoid any kind of infection and the painkillers to help you with the following pain after the extraction of your wisdom tooth.

You can brush your teeth a day after the surgery and you will do it with extra care, so you can hurt you or make your wound bleed.

So, brush gentle at the surgical areas, don’t do it so hard.

Remember that if you feel nauseous is probably a side effect of the sedation or anesthesia, also can be due to the medication that can be strong in your stomach.

So you belly react to this and let you know that is upset. Don’t worry if this happens, it is normal too.

If you have any extra question or if you feel that something wrong is happening, don’t doubt and call your surgeon.

Don’t drive your car the same day you have your wisdom tooth removal, ask some friend or a member of your family, to drive you home.

Your safety’s the most important thing.

Also, don’t eat anything spicy, this can be a pretty obvious thing to give an advice, but believe me.

Some people think that they just had their nails done or a haircut, and don’t have the proper care that a patient must to after surgery.

Like a wisdom tooth removal and the first thing they do is going down the wings restaurant and have the barbecue or the spicy ones, so watch the tasty food for a couple of days.

If the wound is bleeding, use a gauze to make pressure on it and leave it there for around 30 minutes to stop it.

Don’t chew it, remember this, because you are going to stimulate the production of saliva and probably the bleeding won’t stop.

So, take care of your health and don’t be afraid of having your wisdom tooth removal.

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