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5 Best Craft Beer Places in Tijuana to Enjoy While Visiting

What is the best place to drink craft beer in Tijuana? Well, there is not an answer, there are many.

This city is known by all the fantastic places that exist in it to enjoy this drink.

Tijuana has, in fact, became one of the best cities in the country on making craft beer. We are exponents of marvelous craft beer, and here we tell you the best places to visit while doing dental tourism in Tijuana.

If you are a craft beer lover and you are about to come to Tijuana to try it, these five places that we recommend for you will be very helpful.

You and your friends can enjoy a good atmosphere and flavors that now characterize this side of the border as one of the best places to try and taste new brands of craft beer.

We know that when you are a tourist, it can be difficult to find or choose the right place to visit.

But we hope this guide works for you so you can have a better experience in Tijuana.

All this can be while you are visiting for your dental work. These places are the most popular in the city to taste craft beer and are perfect for talking while being comfortable listening to music.


Insurgente Brewery

This place is one of the favorites of the citizens and visitors of Tijuana. Insurgentes Brewery has won a lot of awards thanks to the taste of its products making a big name for itself among other beer craft makers in the area and the country as well.

During 2016, Insurgente brewery created a beer called Migrante in response to the migration problems of Haitians that arrived at this border city almost a couple of years ago.

Designing this beer, helped mitigate a bit the problem by donating money obtained from the sales of this beer.

This 2018 Insurgente prepares to bring back the flavor of Migrante since the public liked the taste that this beer had.

As you can see, it is one of the best breweries in this city, and we invite you to meet them.

Border Psycho

The creators of this beer were engaged in other things a few years ago working in different areas. However, one day they decided to do what they were most passionate about creating their own brand of craft beer.

The owners of this place love tasty food and wine that is made in the region of Baja California and the south of the United States and one day they decided to create their brand of craft beer.

This is how Border Psycho was born, attracting many tourists with the intention of trying out their creations.

Now some years have passed, and they continue to innovate with flavors and aromas in new products.

If you are a visitor that loves craft beer, you can’t miss coming to this place. It is one of the best in Tijuana.

Lúdica Brewery

This brewery is relatively new since it has approximately four years in the market.

It is a very comfortable place to visit and take your friends. Art on the walls, great music, and good beer will captivate your senses and your spirit too.

Located in the downtown area of Tijuana on Ave Revolución, Lúdica has many surprises for you with fantastic flavors that promise to fill your spirit.

The atmosphere and beer worth the visit and the experience once you get to know this place.

They have been brewing craft beer for some years now so they already have a lot of experience creating new flavors and their fermentation processes are the right ones to get delicious results.

If you are in the city, do not forget to visit this brewery

Many foreigners have been carried away by the wonders that this place offers.

Its location is very close to other places where you and your friends can have fun.

If you come on a weekend, you will find many people here because it is a trendy place for foreign visitors and residents as well.

So grab your stuff to visit Tijuana this weekend and enjoy a good glass of craft beer at Lúdica Brewery.

Mamut Brewery

Mamut Brewery is one of the favorite places of foreign people. The craft beer here is delicious and you can find a variety of flavors and styles to taste.

If you love pizza, here you can find a tasty pizza to complete your beer. Don’t forget to visit its two locations since one is in downtown, and the other is in Plaza del Zapato in Tijuana where you will also find many other places to visit and taste craft beer.

Fermentation processes give remarkable results in all beers.

You have a vast menu to choose, also between suggestions they can give you a little bit of the beer you want to try before ordering.

This place is near to the border and even within the tourist’s area of the city.

You can have a good view of what happens in Tijuana when you come to this place. You will not regret it because they offer great food and craft beer.

Norte Brewing Co. Craft Beer

craft beer

This brewery has its location on the top of a building in downtown. And you can see from the top, the most beautiful things of Tijuana while enjoying a good craft beer.

This place is sometimes bustling due to the high number of people who visit it. But don’t worry about it, you can still enjoy the wide delicious alternatives on flavors in craft beer that they have for you.

Here you can also taste some beers before ordering them. It is a very famous tasting room in the city.

The popcorns here are delicious, so don’t forget to try them. Five floors up you can watch the sunset with your friends or with that special someone.

The schedules here are varied, make sure you go early if you go during the week because they close at 10 p.m. approximately.

On weekends you can go before they close at midnight. A place worth visiting, thanks to its atmosphere, good music, and extraordinary flavors on craft beer.

North Brewing is on our list to visit while you are in town doing dental tourism or enjoying your vacation because it is a really awesome place.

Dental Tourism: Having Vacations during my Dentist Appointment

These are some of our recommendations. If you have visited other places that deserve to be on this list, write it in the comments. We want to know your opinion and what breweries you liked in the city.

Many people don’t realize it, but many foreigners who come to Trust Dental Care for dental services take the opportunity to enjoy their vacations too.

Dentists in Tijuana recommend many wonderful places, though if you are in town for dental implants.

We recommend you visit breweries before your surgery because alcoholic beverages are not allowed after having dental implants in Tijuana.

Take this into account before so you can enjoy the incredible flavors of Tijuana’s craft beer.

Summer is coming, and it is the best season of the year to visit these places and cool off with a good beer.

In the city, there are many festivals and contests to offer craft beer. So it is your best opportunity to taste it.

In fact, many people attend these events with the intention of having a delightful time.

These kinds of competitions are prevalent among residents, and a few years ago it became something for tourists as well.

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Dr. Cirenia Aparicio
Dr. Cirenia Aparicio
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