Trust Dental Care Wants to Keep Patients and Staff Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Trust Dental Care understands patients’ concerns about leaving their homes and traveling abroad during such uncertain and challenging times. COVID-19 is a virus that came to our lives to flip them upsidedown.

Since it’s an ongoing situation, there is a lot of information being released every day, some real and some fake. That is why we need to provide you with the accurate facts you need to know if you are considering getting dental care in Tijuana. This way, you can be aware of the position we are currently in and plan your trip with as much precaution as possible.

Is the U.S-Mexico Border Open?

The border is open, yes. However, only essential travel is permitted. Since March 21, both Mexico and the U.S agreed to put restrictions on non-essential travel along the border to stop and prevent the spread of the virus. This means that traveling for a vacation or recreational reasons will not be allowed until further notice. Pretty unfortunate but necessary.

So what is considered essential travel then?

According to the official website of the U.S Embassy & Consulates in Mexico, the following activities fall into the essential travel category:
Provision of medical services

  • Provision of medical supplies
  • Grocery delivery services
  • Restaurant delivery
  • Maintenance of fundamental economic functions
  • Maintenance of government social programs, among others

Fortunately for many Americans, dental care is part of the provision of medical services. So, if you find yourself having dental issues, be confident that visiting a dentist in Tijuana is still a possibility.

Once you have scheduled an appointment with us, Trust Dental Care will send you a certified letter that’ll help you prove you’re visiting Mexico for essential dental care.

How about going back to the U.S?

Many people have the misconception that if they visit Mexico during the pandemic, they’ll get stuck and won’t be able to return home. But that is not the case. On the report of the U.S Department of Homeland Security, American citizens, legal permanent residents, and their families can return to the United States if they travel to any country under travel restrictions.

Plus, our certified letters will also ensure that you cross through the border without complications. So there is no need to be concerned.

If you want more information on traveling abroad safely, you can check out the U.S Coronavirus FAQ’s site. You’ll find a very helpful guide on the recommended precautions you should take when going to another country under travel restrictions.

COVID-19 Measures Trust Dental Care Is Taking to Protect You and Our Team

Even before the virus’s breakout, we already used to maintain a certain cleaning standard in our facilities as it is indispensable to our practice. However, we have adapted every aspect of our office to comply with the American Dental Association and the World Health Organization’s extra hygiene and safety measures.

To keep you and our staff safe from getting COVID-19, these are the actions we are taking:

  • Our team makes sure to space out appointments for patients as much as possible. Social distancing is critical to prevent the spread of the virus. So we do our best to control the number of people in our office.
  • When scheduling appointments, we screen patients over the phone to check for any symptoms of fever, shortness of breath, cough, flu symptoms, loss of smell, and taste.
  • Our complimentary private shuttle service (which is available for all of our patients), is sanitized after every shuttle. Our driver must also wear a mask and gloves at all times. Giving our patients a reliable transportation option.
  • When patients arrive at our dental office, another screening takes place. We take their temperature, provide shoe covers, and antibacterial.
  • Our staff is also very well prepared. We are at the office every day, so we must maintain a high level of caution and hygiene. Our dentists and assistants wear full PPE gear protection wear (gloves, medical masks, gowns, etc.) while working on patients.
  • We make sure that every reachable surface of the clinic is clean and disinfected.

Your health will always be our priority. Therefore, we are trying to attend to your dental emergencies and any other dental needs as much as possible. So much so that you can now schedule a Zoom meeting to talk to one of our dentists in Tijuana. You’ll be able to have a consultation with a professional from the comfort and safety of your home.

It’s never been so easy to take care of your teeth. And in Trust Dental Care, we understand the urge to adapt to the current situation while still giving you the best services.

Why Should You Visit Tijuana for Dental Work?

Trust Dental Care is one of the best dental offices in Mexico. We are currently equipped with some of the best and most experienced dentists in Tijuana. Our state-of-the-art German technology enables us to give our patients immediate and high quality results, saving them time and money in the process.

Thousands of Americans and people all over the world struggle to get proper dental care in their own hometowns because of how expensive it tends to be. As a result, many people rely on charity dental organizations or simply let their teeth decay overtime.

In Trust Dental Care, we strive to heal and fix as many smiles as possible. So we work hard to make the process enjoyable for all of our patients. With our prices, you can end up saving 75% on dental procedures. And remember to take advantage of our programs and promotions for the cost to be even lower!

If you feel like this is the opportunity to finally take care of your smile, give us a call. We are here to assist you and guide you through the process to make sure everything goes smoothly for you. Don’t let your dental health get worse! Book your first appointment today.