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This area of dentistry is comparable to plastic surgery, an area of the profession that improves techniques to a level in which it can even be considered art. Cosmetic dentistry is just that; it has a special way of making any patient feel like they have improved their life on a dramatic level. One day you are not even regarded as important in your work or community, but after getting a makeover with the best cosmetic dentist in Mexico (Dr. Cirenia Aparicio Miranda) at Trust Dental Care, you will suddenly start feeling like a valuable member of your group or community.

There is a large variety of options you can choose from to replace your missing teeth such as dental implants, bone grafting, zoom teeth whitening and other various procedures that can be considered cosmetic dentistry. The primary doctor who takes care of the patients in this area is Dr. Cirenia Aparicio Miranda who is already amongst the top five dentists in the world. All of these procedures have evolved throughout time; Trust Dental Care has managed to stay in the loop with all the new developments and innovations in the world of cosmetic dentistry. Staying updated is vital for us because we can give our customers the most advanced treatment on the market.

Recover Your Smile

We keep our doctors continuously educated and attending various seminars that help them stay in the loop. There are also some patients that need replacement teeth which are the most sought out option. To all those patients we offer all-in-four or all-in six-bridges, a procedure that can replace a large gap in your smile for a lower cost than that of individual implant replacements. Some patients usually require dental implants which we also offer to everyone who is eligible. The state of the art CEREC technology gives us the chance of replacing teeth with dental crowns in just a single day!

But this is just the tip of the iceberg; you haven’t yet heard about the huge difference between costs here at Trust Dental Care, and other dental practices in the United States or Canada. In comparison, for the same or even better dental cosmetic work, you will pay 75% less in Tijuana. This affordable choice seems like unreal, but that’s the reason why we keep having many patients with a happy white smile coming out of our clinic. The best price and the best quality work are available only at Trust Dental Care.

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