Buck teeth: Causes & How to Fix Them

what causes buck teeth

What Causes Buck Teeth?

Causes for buck teeth can vary from using a pacifier when you are a baby, thumb sucking, or genetics. Also known as malocclusion or an overbite, buck teeth can vary in severity.

Even though many people choose to live their lives with them, the teeth’ misalignment can lead to serious dental issues. Flossing and brushing may also be tricky to perform because the food will have a wide opening to get stuck between the teeth, thus developing cavities that can deteriorate them.

Oral problems that develop in the mouth can lead to tooth decay or gum diseases, which could cause tooth loss at an early age. No one should go through this. That is why a short session of flossing and brushing can easily prevent it and do half the job needed to maintain teeth in a healthy shape. The other half of the work belongs to your dentist in Tijuana.

It is essential for you to know that your oral condition’s primary cause, symptoms, and severity play a vital role in how or if you should even treat your malocclusion with proper dental treatment. Having a one-on-one conversation with your dentist in Tijuana can help you identify what would be the best solution for your oral issues.

In most cases, the front upper teeth stick out over the lower teeth, which dentists refer to as buck teeth or an overbite. One of the reasons why this might occur is because it might run through your family genetics, turning it into an unavoidable hereditary trait.

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Scheduling a dental check-up can help you get started to treat this condition. Most people decide to fix their buck teeth for cosmetic reasons, which is acceptable. You, too, can benefit from numerous dental treatments that involve restorative dentistry or cosmetic dentistry. Try giving your dentist a visit to find out which dental treatment suits best your dental needs.

How To Fix Buck Teeth?

Constant innovations in dentistry make it easier to solve common problems like malocclusion or crooked teeth with dental devices and dental operations. Braces are one of the most popular and useful to treat this issue. Braces are minimally invasive and can straighten your teeth in a matter of months.

Braces also require just a few visits to the dental office, and the patient can expect them to feel comfortable in only a few days.

You may experience a bit of sensitivity or discomfort, but that means that the brackets are working. The time you have to use braces varies depending on your malocclusion severity because each and every one of us is different, even our teeth.

how to fix buck teeth

The degree or size of the gaps between your teeth can considerably influence the alignment of your front teeth, incisors, and molars. Those are just some of the causes that lead to buck teeth; missing teeth due to aging or poor oral care habits can also directly impact the way your teeth develop, grow, and shift. This will undoubtedly affect the position and proper function of your front teeth in the future.

However, not having the ideal spacing between your teeth can cause teeth misalignment issues as well. Instead of developing buck teeth, there’s a chance you could develop crowded teeth. This occurs when you have an extra amount of teeth or teeth that did not grow past the gum line correctly.

But there is no need to worry a lot about those oral issues anymore because intuitive dental devices like Hawley retainers or bridges can align your teeth much quicker than before. At least in Trust Dental Care, you can expect quality dentistry every single time you visit us. You should not longer struggle with a problem that has a quick and effective solution.

4 Dental Solutions To Treat Buck Teeth

Thanks to advancements in modern dentistry, there are numerous treatments and dental devices that can help you obtain the smile you dream of having.

ways to fix buck teeth

Gone are the days of having to live with teeth sticking awkwardly out of your mouth.

With a diverse line-up of dental operations, you can expect a speedy transition from crooked teeth to an a-lister smile with the following:

Invisalign: this is an excellent approach to treat minimal cases of malocclusion in teenagers and young adults. Dentists use a set of see-through plastic-based aligners that fit your exact bite with the help of molds that your dentist will use to create a custom aligner. These will slowly but surely arrange the position of your teeth over time.

Palate expansion: these dental expansions treat children and young teenagers whose upper jaw may be too small to allow the adult teeth to fit in place, creating more space by gradually widening it.

Dental braces: braces are a traditional method or technique that positively impacts buck teeth to effectively straighten them. Many patients use braces in their childhood or teenage years to treat their teeth much quicker than adults since they are still in development. Dentists make braces using a metal wire, metal brackets, and small elastics to make the device stay in place and gradually move the teeth to finally obtain a visibly straighter smile.

Jaw surgery: this surgery can treat serious dental issues between the lower and upper jaws. Also known as orthognathic surgery, helps patients with abnormal jaw or teeth formations regardless of their age or sex.

If you or your children struggle with buck teeth, the best is to contact your dentist. This is a dental issue that can be easily prevented and even corrected before it starts to cause more future problems. Plus, it’ll improve your appearance permanently.

In Trust Dental Care, we can help you determine what is the best course of action for your teeth. Besides, our prices and treatment plans are great if you are also trying to save money. So give us a call! Book your first appointment and take the first step to get the smile you deserve before it’s too late.

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