December 7, 2020
orthodontic elastics

Orthodontic Elastics: Why Are They So Important to Support Braces?

How Do Orthodontic Elastics Provide Support For My Braces? Everyone knows about braces, but very few take the time to get to know them. Trustworthy sidekick, rubber bands, or orthodontic elastics (as dentists refer to.) When people use orthodontic elastics, they do not really notice the rubber bands’ exact functions and importance. Following the dental surgeon’s instructions when using rubber bands is crucial for the braces’ […]
December 4, 2020
what Is Restorative Dentistry

How Restorative Dentistry Can Help Regain Your Smile

Dentists Recommendations: What Is Restorative Dentistry? Dentists can utilize restorative dentistry to fix someone’s teeth and help them get a picture-perfect smile through crowns, dental bridges, fillings, and more aesthetic treatments that help give the patient’s smile a beautiful finish. Restorative Dentistry is more than just a professional way of saying how a dental patient has teeth that require replacements or needs to repair any deterioration […]
December 3, 2020
zygomatic implants

Zygomatic Implants A Different Way to Restore Your Smile

What Are Zygomatic Implants? Dentistry is always seeking to improve and develop the best dental treatments; that is why zygomatic implants are the best and only solution for those looking to restore their smile and have a better quality of life. We all want the best for our family and friends, and dentistry is always creating newer ways to suit all of their patient’s dental needs. […]
November 30, 2020
dentist during covid

Dentists in Tijuana; Are They Still Opening Their Doors During COVID-19?

Is It Safe To Visit Dentists In Tijuana During COVID-19? If you’ve not heard, yes, dentists in Tijuana are up and running to this day. There are still many Americans and people from all over the world who continue to get treated not only for dental care but also for other medical treatments during COVID-19. Since the beginning of the lockdown, both the U.S and Mexican […]
November 28, 2020
Mexican dentist

Patient’s Donations And Our Mexican Dentists Support

Trust Dental Care’s office cannot express their gratitude; we greatly appreciate our patients who decided to take time out of their day and donate to those who do not have anything, just like our Mexican dentists and team members.  When someone helps out or gives without expecting anything in return is a person that can only be described as indescribable.   From clothing to toys, the National […]
November 27, 2020
How Does Dental Sedation Work?

A Quick Guide To Know What Is Dental Sedation and How It Works

How Does Dental Sedation Work? Visiting a dentist should be a pleasant experience; developing a healthy relationship between you and your dentist can make you feel much more comfortable during any moment throughout your dental sessions. However, for many people, visiting the dentist can be tricky as it may generate a sense of insecurity while having someone check your mouth. You’ve possibly heard of dental sedation, […]