April 16, 2020
teeth names and numbers

Teeth Names and Numbers: Diagram, Names, Number, and Conditions

An adult human has 32 teeth, teeth names & numbers, which are given based on their set, arch, class, type, and side. Children have 20 primary teeth and start to grow their first actual teeth by age 6. There are two sets of teeth in human beings; the first are named primary or baby teeth and permanent or adult teeth. The collection of teeth that replaces primary […]
April 9, 2020

Wine Kills Germs That Cause Sore Throats and Dental Plaque

Wine kills germs that cause sore throats and dental plaque. For at least the last few decades, alcoholic beverages have generally been associated with family gatherings and events. Now we can add it to another list; it has been shown to have properties that help fight germs that cause various diseases. In 1988, research was carried out to analyze the stability of beverages such as beer, […]
April 8, 2020

Trust Dental Care is Open and Ready to Take Dental Emergencies

Trust Dental Care is Open to take dental emergencies! Do you need an appointment? If you’re having a dental emergency, we are accepting new patients with same-day appointments.  Our Tijuana dentists are ready to care for emergency patients and reduce the burden that dental emergencies within our hospitals. If you’re not sure whether your dental need counts as an emergency, call our office, we can help […]
February 7, 2020

Dental Tourism Mexico: an Affordable Solution for your Dental Needs

Dental tourism along the Mexican borders began a few decades ago, with American tourists among the first ever to tour Mexico for dental services. Towns such as Nogales and Tijuana were among the first towns to receive these types of foreign visitors within the country’s border. This whole process started with a few Americans living across the Mexican border receiving recommendations from their relatives living in […]
May 14, 2019

What to do in 48 hours in Tijuana?

At Trust Dental Care we also like our patients to enjoy their experience when coming with us, and that’s why we prepared this for you. If you had an All on Four surgery or a dental implant and our dentists discharged you, we think you’ll be interested in the following. Or, if you’re about to schedule an appointment with us, it might also help you get […]
October 17, 2018

Trick or Teeth: Worst & Best Halloween Candy For Your Smile

Halloween day is coming and along with the fun of dressing up comes the excitement of going out and ask for candy from door to door. Some have been preparing their costumes for months, but few have prepared for the cavities that all that candy in a plastic pumpkin may bring. That is why we looked into the top three candies that will make your teeth […]