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Have you ever imagine an astronaut brushing teeth while he’s in space?

As the SpaceX launch delayed mission due to weather conditions, we look for some curious facts about how astronauts take care of their teeth while on space.

Space, the universe, the final frontier, infinity, all describe the broad lands of the unknown.

Our planet earth is part of a wide variety of planets found inside our solar system.

Our solar system is inside a galaxy, and our galaxy is part of many galaxies that form our universe.

The list goes on and on, but does it ever end?

Who knows?

Those questions can only be answered over time.

We will continue evolving no matter what.

Our universe is all of the space put together with space in time, holding everything in place.

Including galaxies, planets, stars, etc. many studies suggest that there are more planets in space than grains of sand on our earth.

Mind-blowing, right?

Well how about this, how do astronauts brush their teeth in space?

What about Space X and NASA? You may be wondering.

Well, the international space station or also known as the ISS.

Their just planning to have humans living on the moon by the year 2024.

The universe, in its entirety, is unmeasurable.

While the universe takes its time to expand slowly, there will come a moment in which it will decide to simply return to where it all began, the big bang, or at least that’s what they theorize.

All of this and much more can be found right here, continue on reading if you wish, if you don’t, well, thanks for stopping by.

Astronaut brushing teeth in space during what they call a space pause.

In which they take their time to rest upon completion of any space action.

So, How Do Astronauts Take Care of Their Teeth?

astronaut teeth

Seeing an astronaut brushing teeth in space is really awesome!

With that question in mind, let alone having to live in space. 

It is a question that may be answered just around the corner. 

You may be curious about how do they even withstand living without a day and night cycle. 

Brushing your teeth here on planet earth is a pretty simple task that takes a few minutes, but what about in space? 

How do they do it without the help of gravity? 

Well, with a lot of investigations, research, test, knowledge, etc.

Persistence and determination are all key factors to answer that my earthly friends. 

Appliances and specific products like chewable and edible toothpaste were manufactured here on earth without the need for brushing. 

Please, we recommend you not to swallow your toothpaste as it may cause harmful effects over your body and would require the inspection of a medical surgeon right away. 

Ingestible toothpaste is just one of the many perks astronauts obtain, like drinking their urine. 

You might think of that as quite disgusting, but their waste goes through a process of filters to clean their urine and reuse it once again, allowing them to reduce, reuse, and recycle their waste. 

Thanks to the innovative tech they utilize daily created by groups like NASA, ISS, space X, etc. allow them to perform numerous operations while experiencing zero-G flawlessly. 

Zero-G (zero gravity allows you to perform many movements you wouldn’t be capable of performing here on earth. 

Back to the brushing, they don’t brush their teeth the way you would before going to bed. 

They require other helpful tools that get them by just fine. 

Do They Brush Their Teeth Without the Need of a Standard Toothbrush? 

However, dental savvy astronauts know that brushing your teeth like you usually would, does the job better than their chewable toothpaste similar to gum. 

Just remember, chewing gum does not replace brushing, so get to brushing. 

Please, we persuade you to continue reading to learn why brushing and flossing in space requires a more particular struggle, concentration, and patience than you think. 

When astronauts spend their time brushing their teeth in zero-G, they perform regular strokes like you would in your bathroom or kitchen sink, whatever you prefer. 

Utilizing the same old toothbrush and toothpaste that you would buy at your local supermarket. 

Remember what we said about struggling in space, well, it’s not the appliances and tools they use to brush their teeth, it’s the conditions there in that make this simple task become a fearsome job.

 All astronauts in space need to maintain the toothpaste on the toothbrush and the toothbrush in their mouth, all while floating in space with very little water, and well, we already told you where they get their water.

The system in which the machine can turn the astronaut’s urine into drinkable water. 

Trying to distill water in the emptiness of space turned out to be quite the challenge, and with the absence of gravity creates a more tedious process. 

To compensate for the negative presence of microgravity environment, members of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and investigators and engineers, all gathered to develop a centrifuge-like treatment system that allows them to realize such task. 

But the challenge remains, how do astronauts brush their teeth in space? 

Many astronauts who have experienced space first hand, have created ways to confront the challenges. 

Many of them utilize hygiene kits (pouches where they leave their toothpaste and toothbrush).

 These kits are held up against a wall with a Velcro.

So that they don’t float away out of their reach. 

They even need to have the toothpaste top tightly sealed.

So even when they open it, they will not have to worry about the paste floating away, ending up somewhere they may not want it. 

The following steps are highly detailed to comprehend the complexity of having an astronaut brushing teeth. 

Proceed carefully:

  • First, they fill up a pouch with “water” and hold it near them while opening their hygiene kits. 
  • Second, the astronaut must secure the pouch behind a flexible bungee and step away from the wall to separate their kit from the wall.
  • Third, unzipping the pouch can become a nightmarish task as it can zip back into place all on its own.
  • Fourth, they remove the toothbrush from inside their kit and hold it between a select amount of fingers all while floating. They then put their kit back in place behind the bungee so that the other appliances don’t float away.
  • Fifth, utilizing one hand, the astronauts may continue on removing their pouch, open the straw clamp that holds it all in place (this maintains the water in its place, without causing it to spread and making a mess or even malfunction the equipment if it were to land on it). They then proceed to apply pressure over the pouch to allow some water to land on the toothbrush.
  • Sixth, meanwhile, the astronaut keeps the toothbrush from floating away by holding it with the other hand, that isn’t occupied. They proceed to hold the straw of the pouch in between their chompers (teeth) and continue to replace the straw clamp and place it behind the bungee that we mentioned earlier.
  • Seventh, the astronaut takes their time to open the toothpaste container and pressure it to squeeze some onto the toothbrush. Finally, they allow themselves to begin to brush slowly. You might recall seeing a sink in your bathroom or kitchen; well, in space, as we see an astronaut brushing teeth, the galaxy is the sink, just joking. The astronauts proceed to do an act that has been a norm here on earth, never swallow your toothpaste. Your dentists, dental products, etc. warn you about the effects it can have over your body. Don’t swallow. But, astronauts are allowed to do this since, well, as you may recall us telling you, they don’t have a sink in their space ship. So, after swallowing, they proceed to rinse with some “water.”
  • Eighth, the astronauts continue brushing until finally having to dry their toothbrush and place it back in their hygiene kit. 

So, the next time you may feel lazy or grouchy about the fact of having to brush your teeth.

Astronaut brushing teeth amongst men and women are up in space found inside the vast confines of uncharted territory; they have to struggle daily to simply brush their teeth, let alone have actually to work in those conditions. 

So please, we recommend trying to brush your teeth as an astronaut would, and you’ll be genuinely grateful for gravity. 

Please do remember that your little earthling smile always requires daily brushing and go to your local dentist for regular check-ups.  

As a reminder, the isn’t the only struggle astronauts face in space, they must also fight against the zero G forces upon them. 

Life in microgravity environments changes the entire structure of the human body like:

  • Alterations in your nervous system.
  • Body-wide alterations.
  • Variations in behavior.
  • Cardiac performances change drastically.
  • Muscle mass decreases.
  • The loss of bone is visibly apparent.

Curious Facts About ISS You may Not Know


•Research confirms that there are more planets in space than grains of sand on planet earth.

•It took the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, Brazil, Belgium, Japan, Canada, Russia, and the United States to build the International Space Station (ISS).

•The ISS creates oxygen called electrolysis; it involves splitting H2O molecules through solar panels.

•Astronauts eat three meals per day. When they are eating, they do not sit because there are no chairs. Instead, they float. When craving a snack, they can’t have one, because it is either dehydrated or canned.

•The ISS electrical systems and wiring are longer than New York’s Central Park.

•The body goes through many changes when experiencing zero-G for extended periods. That is why the ISS astronauts have to work for at least two hours a day.

•The de-orbit for the ISS is set for 2024. Russia’s model is set to de-orbit by the year 2028, called Zarya.

•The ISS is the brightest object in the sky after the sun and moon. 

•You can smell space in the ISS. Astronauts have described it as being a metallic based smell.

•The ISS computer systems have had to confront viruses in the past. Even while in space.

•Only two bathrooms can be found throughout the entire station.

•The ISS is the most expensive object ever created by man, with a cost of over $120,000,000,000.

•You might think the space inside the ISS is limited compared to your apartment or house, wrong. It is over 358 feet long, so no need to feel sorry for them.

•The ISS manages to go around the earth every 90 minutes. Pretty fast for a space station that big.

Outstanding Details About Space X


  • They are the very first company to send an ISS to space.
  • The spacecraft falcon nine was named after the star wars ship Millennium Falcon. This represents the number of rocket engines it has.
  • Space X is creating over 4,000 satellites to enable global internet access.
  • Space X almost ran out of money, because their very own Falcon 1 failed to orbit and had to try another three times.
  • Founder and creator of Space X, Elon Musk taught himself rocket science. Amazing what you can find on the internet these days. 
  • After space X launches their rockets, they switch to autopilot once the blast-off has occurred and when they land.
  • Elon Musk plans to make space X public after regularly flying people to Mars.
  • Space X plans to ferry people in the MCT to Mars for $500,000.

Exceptional Statements From NASA

  • NASA plans to have humans on Mars by the year 2030.
  • Since NASA’s space shuttle parts were outdated, they decided to buy spare parts off of eBay.
  • In 2008, NASA, accompanied by the company Speedo, produced a drag resistant suit that allowed professional swimmers to go much faster.
  • NASA discovered that the minerals found in asteroids have a worth of $100,000,000,000.
  • NASA launches its rockets eastward to take advantage of the Earth’s rotation.
  • In 1991, NASA lost an orbiter because half of their workers used metric measurements, and the other half used imperial sizes.
  • NASA considers you an astronaut after having traveled 50 miles above the surface of our planet.
  • In 2006, NASA‘s scientists heard a noise louder than anything else heard on earth. To this day, they do not know what it was.
  • Your toaster was way more powerful than NASA‘s computers back in the day.
  • NASA receives five cents per every dollar made by the government.
  • With your permission, NASA sends a text message to your device whenever their space station passes over you.
  • In 1991, NASA discovered a possible small alien probe.
  • NASA will pay you if you lay in bed for months to study the effects of weightlessness.
  • Bill Nye, the science guy, was rejected numerous times by NASA.
  • NASA was sued by a group of men that claimed to have inherited Mars thousands of years ago from their ancestors.
  • To find life on other planets, NASA created an OPP (office of planetary protection).

Whenever you are curious about an astronaut brushing teeth or curious about space, look up; just remember that what you are seeing is infinite.



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