7 Ways a Restorative Dentist Can Totally Transform Your Smile

restorative dentist

If you have any insecurities with your teeth, you’re not alone. Many people deal with the struggles of having bad teeth as it’s something that truly affects your life daily.

Many people seek help, and others ignore them. Still, there’s no doubt you should consult a restorative dentist in Mexico. 

Dating, work, eating, and your mental health can change for the worst when you deal with bad teeth. It can truly become an obstacle that won’t let you look away.

That’s why it’s better for you to get informed and know the tools available for yourself and your family. 

What is Restorative Dentistry?

The treatments that your dentist performs to keep your mouth clean and fully functioning are known as restorative dentistry. This can include a vast range of treatments. 

porcenain veneers in tijuana

We’ve gathered some of the ways in which a restorative dentist can transform your smile into a healthy, beautiful one:

1- Dental Implants

Are you missing a tooth? Well, to replace missing teeth, implants are probably the best alternative out there. The treatment consists of fusing titanium posts to the jaw and placing an artificial tooth on top of them. 

Since the titanium posts function just like tooth roots and promote bone development, implants are considered the closest thing to natural teeth. 

Dental implants enhance the appearance of your teeth and restore functionality, enabling them to talk and chew without difficulty.

2- Porcelain Crowns

What is a dental crown?

A crown can be used to strengthen a tooth that has been damaged in some way, such as by extreme decay or a crack. 

The top of the tooth is shaved down, and a crown is put over it in a crown placement procedure. 

The dental crown has the same appearance and function as your natural tooth, which actually is preserved.

3- Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

Your dentist in Mexico can remove decay from the tooth and fill in the cavity with different materials, including porcelain, silver, and gold. 

Tooth fillings may also be used to patch damaged or cracked teeth if the damage isn’t so bad. If the dentist suspects the tooth will not hold the dental filling, a dental crown will be a much better solution.

4-Dental Bonding 

Dental Bonding

Composite resins are used in bonding procedures (tooth-colored fillings made of glass and plastic).

Dental bonds may be used to fill cavities, fix broken or chipped teeth, and cover discolored teeth’ surfaces. They are also effective in closing small gaps between teeth, which is beneficial for people who have diastema.

Indirect dental bonding, composite veneer bonding, and composite bonding are three standard dental bonding procedures that can be used depending on your needs.

5- Dental Bridge

Dental bridge

When you’re missing one or multiple teeth, a dental bridge can be a good option as well. The bridge gets support from crowns on the neighboring teeth, which replace the missing tooth. 

This closes the gap in your smile, restores a natural bite, and aids in the overall health of your mouth.

6-Root Canal Therapy

root canal therapy

When a tooth becomes so severely decayed that a filling is no longer enough to repair the damage, you’ll need root canal therapy.

With this, your restorative dentist can remove decay from the root of your infected tooth, which relieves painful toothaches and helps restore your oral health. 

7- Extractions

Wisdom teeth recovery time

Extractions are used mainly as a last resort at our dental office in Mexico. 

With other treatments like root canals, fillings, and crowns, we still try to preserve at least a portion of your damaged tooth. 

But if your tooth is way too damaged to save, you may need to have it extracted.

Other restorative dentistry options, such as bridges and implants, can then be used to close the gap in your smile, so don’t worry. We can still repair your smile.

Find a Restorative Dentist in Mexico With Trust Dental Care

It’s essential to check in with your dentist at least once every six months. Any future dental issues can be prevented at the dental office.

If you think the dentist it’s too expensive, you can check Trust Dental Care out. We’re a dental office in Tijuana, Mexico, that provides excellent dental care at fair prices that won’t hurt your finances.

Let one of our restorative dentists in Tijuana help you with your smile and get all the benefits of choosing dental tourism in Mexico.

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