3 Reasons Why You Need a Dental Crown After Root Canal Therapy

root canal therapy

How a Root Canal Therapy and a Dental Crown Can Restore Your Smile 

Root canal therapy is a great solution to save a tooth, but it might leave it a bit weakened in some cases. Because of this, dental crowns or dental fillings are often used after this procedure.

Root canal therapy consists of drilling into the damaged tooth to reach the infection. Besides, have in mind that the tooth is probably already fragile due to the decay and damage.

As you may imagine, by the end of the treatment, the tooth structure ends up not being as strong as it was. It wouldn’t be safe for someone to eat, speak and laugh as it could easily cause harm to the area.

The tooth’s form, scale, and function are all restored with a crown. It can both maintain and improve the quality of the tooth.

Crowns may be made out of a variety of materials. Metal alloys, Zirconia, ceramics, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, and composite resins are among them.

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3 Reasons Why You Might Need a Dental Crown After Root Canal Therapy

root canal therapy

Here are some reasons why you might need a dental crown after root canal therapy and the benefits it can bring you.

1- It protects your tooth

The crown will cover the tooth. It’s like a protective layer for your teeth. So, in the event of a crack, only the dental crown will be damaged, leaving your tooth unharmed. Even though the crown is usually strong, it can still be damaged. In that case, the crown can be replaced at any time.

2- It looks just like a natural tooth

If you have cavities in your tooth or teeth, they will most definitely have a less than attractive look. You can choose to hide your smile whenever you smile or avoid social situations to avoid being stressed by other people’s prejudices. In these circumstances, wearing realistic-looking crowns will make you feel a lot better about your appearance and yourself.

3- Keeps infections away

The tooth’s surface is even more fragile after root canal treatment and is at a higher risk of infection and damage. A dental crown will be placed over the tooth to seal it from harmful filtrations and keep the tooth from needing to be extracted if the root canal procedure fails.

3 Precautions You Should Take After Getting a Dental Crown

1- Stay away from sticky, chewy food

Chewing gum, for example, may cause the crown to fall out. When a crown is applied for the first time, the teeth become very fragile. The crown can become infected if the gums have not healed and the crown is already worn or damaged. This is something you should prevent at all costs.

2- Try not to use the crowned tooth as much

Try not to utilize the jaw’s side where the crown is until it is fully healed. Chew your food on the other side of your jaw to protect your new tooth. Once it has recovered and is strong and solid, then you can use it.

3- Brush your dental crown very gently

It is best to take some time before brushing your teeth with a stiff brush. Brush the non-crown side for hygienic purposes and freshen your breath. The most critical action in having a fiery breath is brushing the tongue.

How Much are Dental Crowns?

In countries such as the United States, dental crowns prices can be around $2,000 and up per tooth. The cost can also vary, depending on aspects such as insurance, materials, or additional procedures.

Dental crowns can be quite expensive in many places, which can be disappointing if you need one. Because before being useful for appearance, crowns are necessary to keep your dental health safe. 

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